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Let’s Dive in Indonesia

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Some people sometime use different words to describe this. Yup, some people prefer to use word Dive meanwhile the other, Diving. For me, I can use the two, dive or diving refers to my heart haha.. Also for me diving or dive is more refer to hobby, rather then sports in fact I can say dive or diving can be a job, yes as a diver. Does anyone agree with this one ?

For now, I live in Indonesia and through my blog I want to promote my country..

So many best hot spot places for diving in Indonesia you can explore, such as Raja Ampat, Komodo, Bunaken, Tulamben, Sabang, Wakatobi, etc. But as a beginner or to get first time dive experience, I suggest you to try the nearest one. Yes, located in Jakarta at well known place. It’s in SeaWorld, Jakarta.

As written in their website SeaWorld Indonesia    :

SeaWorld Indonesia was established with the underlying concept of a maritime nation which, geographically, is consisted of more water than land. On October 2nd, 1992, the Governor of Jakarta – Mr. Wiyogo Atmodarminto – placed a cornerstone to mark what was to be a premise for an underwater world, which in less than two years would be known as SeaWorld Indonesia. Now the biggest aquarium site in South East Asia. The premise itself covers over three-acres of landscape, with its main building spreading about 4.500 square meters, fully engaged in numerous exhibitions.

Here are some photos “Diving in SeaWorld Indonesia”

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Come and try the precious moment in diving….

Blessings and Peace !

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Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park (West Flores)

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Labuan Bajo is the gateway to the West Flores: Komodo & So Much More tourist destination. All you can find in West Flores, such as :

  1. Komodo National Park – Flores Indonesia
  2. Virgin Islands and beaches: Manggarai Flores
  3. Cunca Wulang Canyon
  4. Flores Fantastic dive sites – recognized as among the world’s most spectacular
  5. Hiking and Trekking – off the beaten track  One of the deepest volcanic crater lakes
  6. Flores island local culture and tradition : Traditional villageTado village
Don’t worry about How to get to Flores, Hotels, Restaurants, Dive Operators, West Flores Tour Operators, Local Guides or A Maps, you can find all about West Flores Komodo on

What are you waiting for ? Make your plan and visit West Flores Indonesia.



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